Your basketball career depends on your stats

Basketball stats are the most important part of a resume. But there are different ways of looking at them since Basketball plays a different role in different parts of the world.

In Europe, Basketball is all about winning; in Asia, it is primarily family entertainment. This difference comes back in the way European and Asian teams evaluate and select their players. Asian teams often want “big names” (NBA background) who also have to be flamboyant personalities. European teams want competitive team players. Europeans dislike selfish players who are only looking to score and only care about their stats. Basketball player profile with stats

But there is a paradox here: For an import player to ever get a job, he needs to have impressive stats (at least an average of 10-12 ppg or more), but if he plays the way the European coach wants him to play, then he will probably average less than 10 ppg and thus have a hard time finding a job. Import players live or die by their stats.

So what to do? It’s all about shot selection. Import players need to understand the difference between good and bad shots. This understanding comes with Basketball IQ and experience.

More and more teams are also using software to compare player statistics. Then, the stats are divided per minute or possession, and this levels the playing field, which is fair to the players and puts less pressure on them to have to score in order to keep their careers alive.

The most important advice for players is ALWAYS to put their team history and stats on their profile, not only from last season but from ALL seasons that they played organized basketball. Those stats must be accurate and verifiable. Not estimated!

No verifiable statistics means no chance.

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