Basketball Player Profile Shines With a Little Polish

Does your basketball player profile exude flair? Like a great sales pitch, your basketball profile needs to “pop” and be instantly engaging because most teams and agents don’t really read player profiles, but rather “scan” them.

Teams and basketball agents make their first selection based on position, height, salary demands, and recent basketball statistics. Only after the first selection will they start to scan the profiles. Only in the later stages of the selection process do they actually read them. Basketball Resume Shine With a Little Polish

When you write your basketball player profile, try to focus on things that cannot be concluded from the statistics or personal data. Avoid saying that you are a good rebounder if your statistics already prove that point. For example, you could write down that you speak several languages fluently, or you could mention the championships and individual awards you have won. Come with hard facts. Make sure that your statements can be verified somewhere online. Consider adding a link, but please don’t overdo it.

Try to describe your game and your specialty. Are you an exceptional athlete? Is your wingspan above average? Are you left-handed? What is usually your role on the team, and what is the role you feel most comfortable with? The more detailed and honest your description is, the bigger the chance that the right team will show interest in you and let you play your own game, rather than make you play out of position or fill a role that does not fit your style of play.

Your basketball player profile is your advertisement. Like an ad, it should be easily digestible. Make it an easy, breezy read and you raise the likelihood that someone might actually read it from start to finish. Avoid rambling paragraphs or confusing, contradictory statements.

Last but not least: keep your basketball resume up to date. Change your salary request or status and see if that generates more job matches for you. Everyone can see when your basketball player profile was last updated. If your last update was months ago, then people will conclude that you are not actively looking for a job.

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