Basketball Agents

Basketball Agent The nature of the business side of basketball has changed quite a lot in the last decades, and so has that of basketball agents.

The social media revolution is an example. Do players still need basketball agents in an era where everybody can connect with everybody else? An era where players can visit websites like this to make direct connections in a more efficient and structured way?

The answer is yes; basketball agents still have value. It starts with experience. To agents, a team is not just a name. They often know the individuals connected to that team. Agents also know the philosophy of the coach and which playing style he prefers, and which types of players fit into that system. Basketball agents know if a team has a good track record when it comes to respecting contracts and payment schedules. Agents also know how contracts should be put together and, if they are FIBA certified, they can get the “Basketball Arbitration Tribunal” involved in solving contractual disputes. In other words, basketball agents are experts in the business as well as important advisors, confidants, and career planners.

Bear in mind, however, that agents also need to make a living. They are looking for a positive return on investment, just like players. Basketball agents take a risk on every player they represent. Why? Because agents operate on commission. They only get paid if they find their player a job and if the agent fee is high enough to justify the time and money invested in promoting said player.

If a player does not have a strong basketball resume, and if a large investment in time and money is required on the part of the agent to find him a job  — while the chances of finding a job are slim — the agent may not be able to justify taking that player on as a client.

In cases where agents are reluctant to represent a player, that player can consider representing himself. The player can invest his own time and money in promoting himself to try and find a job. This website provides a good opportunity to do just that.

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