Basketball Job Trends

Professional basketball teams usually look for import players who bring something extra. The recent basketball job trends indicate a preference for specialists.

Over the last decades, the game of basketball is played at an ever higher pace (in part due to rule changes). As a result, there is an increasing demand for exceptional athletes.

This is often the number one criteria that a team asks for when looking for an import. If a player is not an exceptional athlete then he has to compensate with something else, like exceptional overall skills, shooting range, rebounding, etc.

In addition, we see that most teams require the post players to have a shooting range. It is not enough anymore that their game is limited to the three-second area, but they have to be able to have shooting range all the way out to the three-point line.

For guards, the most important requirements are a combination of explosiveness, court vision, and shooting range. Especially the shooting range is absolutely crucial. Guards who shoot below 36 % from beyond the three-point line will struggle.

There is relatively little demand for wings and very much supply, so the criteria for these players are the strictest. Wings have to be exceptional athletes AND have a deep shooting range. Moreover, wings are often hired as specialists and in particular to be dominant scorers.

Another trend in international basketball is that players tend to get taller at every position. Aside from the criteria mentioned above, teams often prefer players who are big for their position. American players in particular struggle a little bit with this development, since they tend to be smaller on average and often were measured in their shoes, instead of bare feet, which often leads to confusion and disappointment with international teams.

To make a long story short, an undersized wing who is not an exceptional athlete and does not have a deep range on his shot will struggle to get job offers and build a career.

On the other hand, a big point guard who is an exceptional athlete and phenomenal three-point shooter has a very bright future ahead of him.

Basketball Job Trends

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