Basketball Player Salary Trends

The average basketball player salary is determined by demand and supply. This dictates a player’s basketball market value. There is a very big demand for post players while the supply is limited. It is no wonder the average salary offered for a pure 5 is higher than for any other position.

We also see that the average basketball player salary offered for a pure 1 is only 71,87 % of the salary offered to a 5, despite the fact that there is a great demand for pure point guards. This has to do with the fact that there are many point guards available (contrary to pure 5’s) which pushes the market value down.

The less demand there is for a position, and the more players available on that position, the lower the offered basketball player salary for that vacancy will be. That’s why on average a 3/2/1 will only be offered 25 % of the salary that is offered to a pure 5.

Basketball salary trends





















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