Basketball Job Market for players, teams and agents.

Basketball Job Market for players, teams, and agents.

Introducing the best way for players to get contracts, teams to fill jobs, and agents to make deals.
A whole world within reach!
  • Browse the world’s available job openings and players.
  • Filter, rank and compare opportunities with ease.
  • Eliminate middle men – direct contact between players, teams and agents.
  • Save time promoting players with the Resume Builder.
  • Get global exposure and dramatically increase your reach.
  • Get up to date alerts on changes since your last log-in.
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What our members say
Michael Holton - PLAYER
I hired an agent here and that helped beat the odds. I’ve gone from a D2 school to Europe.
Hugues Occansey - COACH
Three clicks shows all Bosman players taller than 190 cm and averaging more than 10 points and 3 assists.
Jesus Rostan - AGENT
There are new job openings and available players posted every day. It’s like the world’s basketball stock market.
Uldazimir Krysevich - PLAYER
I enjoy interacting with agents, coaches, and GM's from around the globe.